Stock Lot

  • Stock List (Full List)

    1. Label Paper one side printed on pallet.
    2. Poster paper one side printed on pallets.
    3. One side Blue/Black print poster paper in rolls and sheets.
    4. One side/2 side coated Silicon rolls  (Printed or unprinted both)
    5. One  Printed Paper Rolls  with poly and without poly.
    6. 2 Side wax coated Rolls
    7. Ream Wrap Rolls
    8. Poly Coated Paper
    9. Tetra Paper Rolls
    10. One side printed Poly cup stock rolls.
    11. Pre-Print KLB/Kraft Liner  Rolls
    12. One side printed SBS rolls/Sheets
    13. Yogurt rolls
    14. Cigarette Paper rolls
    15. Paper/ Alu/Poly rolls
    16. Medicine Rolls
    17. KCB rolls printed or unprinted.
    18. Virgin Kraft liner rolls
    19. C1S
    20. C2S
    21. Uncoated
    22. Woodfree
    23. Coloured Woodfree
    24. Hard white and Soft White
    25. Coated ground wood(LWC)